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domingo, 20 de julio de 2008


we are an institution without ends of lucres that it was created with the purpose of helping people with problems of drugs which comes working from the year 1993 and at the present time we are working as church and also with a group of youths that you they find in process of our restoration institution this properly registered one in the public registrations with record 568-93 represented by the shepherd JHONNY PEÑA FLORES which comes working arduously so that the callao you evangelize and it is helped many youths, good this work you beginning in the sad excluded area of the bunkhouses of the callao and of there you had been able to help at hundred of young to that are reinstated to our society foundation is the the word of God and also the work to travez of shops of works either in carpiteria shops or other occupation that God friend jesus can equip us he loves you you look for it and if you want that we send you pictures of our work you write us to 5591528 998282758

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