miércoles, 23 de julio de 2008


MINISTRY JESUS LOVES YOU Without God anything is The Bible tells us clearly in its word that the man's grandesa doesn't consist on the goods that it possesses or in its economic pocision many when they have money or they are mainly they think that non nesitan to cristo but he/she remembers that all that is presented is fleeting everything passes the word of God he/she says it very clearly that the life is as the nieblina and that the skies and the earth will happen but what God says will remain forever it is for it friend without God you are not anything neither even the leaves of you hoist them he/she moves if it is not for its power for we invite you to it to that come to cristo you look for it while it can be found alone he/she opens your heart and accept it
The ministry Jesus loves you it is an insttictucion without ends of lucre that was created to help people to the encounter with cristo his it bases main it is the word of God and this properly registered one in the public registrations with record 568-93 in the registrations of Associations without Represented ends of lucres for the shepherd JHONNY PEÑA FLORES which is the founder of this ministry that you incio in the excluded neighborhoods of the callao but well-known as the bunkhouses of the callao and from his foundation had come ayundado at hundred of young to become rehabilitated although we don't have the economic means you had been able to advance having big achievements helping many people to be reinstated the society and being men of well it is for it friend and brother you allow me to tell you that estrabajo without the help of God you cannot achieve. at the present time we are working with nuetra Christian church and in the rehabilitation work with youths that he/she has problems of drugs friend love you something if you have problems search to cristo the one it is only that he/she can help you you look for it while it can be found it doesn't care your religio and you believe it because cristo is not religio neither systems neither you program cristo it is life you look for it email:ministerio.jesusteama@gmail.com